Design & Manufacturing @ Backhand BMX
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Ground Breaking CAM Software. The first ever complete CNC Programming Software native for MAC. Let's Make some Parts!
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New Design, Manufacturing, Simulations, and Collaboration software offered by Autodesk has pushed BMX manufacturing ahead at Backhand Bikes. We work closely with their team and they have provided us with innovative technology to improve our designs and machining quality.
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Rendering of the Black Forward Sprocket
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It's all coming together at Backhand! Thanks to Chad @ American Anodizing we have some amazing coloring options and future projects that are sure to push our parts to another level.
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Rendered BMX showing new Sprocket
Every part we make is tested on our virtual bike before we make them. When it's time to test the products; how they look and fix are already figured out. We only need to test how they hold up after that. We have the most efficient engineering team in the BMX industry thanks to the Autodesk Team.
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Our Design Studio
When you think of designing parts, you might not think it is possible on you Mac. We are looking into the future, and we don't see lots of improvement in the PC world. Fusion 360 is available on for every platform. Our riders can login to the cloud, see the part and make design changes. Thats how we design. Full Collaboration with all our riders and designers.
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The Forward Stem - Top Load
The new stem design project is under way to develop the best BMX parts ever made. It might seem that we have been dragging our feet, but we are not in it to make good parts. We have the resources to do an awesome job, so we hope that is the case.