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3D Model of our Test Bike
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The Autodesk Team has been helping push BMX by supporting the design and manufacturing here @ Backhand Bike Co. Putting out the best parts for the best price would not be possible without the support of everyone over at Autodesk and the amazing Fusion 360 software they are developing.
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Lance @ The Nashville Park - Courtesy of Stephen Horrocks

Backhand's newest Engineer

Lance Mosley:

Who uses the term “Pro” anymore? Not too long ago, everyone wanted to be a “Pro” so the term lost it’s meaning. After riding with Lance for some years, he is what the Term meant and should still mean.

Professional - Dialed, Polished, goes twice as big, rides with everyone, talks to everyone.

Lance has been working with us on some new components. Check out his new line called, Roots.
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Joe @ Asylum Park in Chicago IL.

Backhand Bikes Engineer

Joe Battaglia:

Everyone @ Backhand is excited to have the opportunity to work with Joe. His great attitude along with his insane skills on a bike are what sets him apart. Check out one of his edits @ Vimeo:

Link to Bio

Joe will play a big roll in Backhands development as our newest R & D Engineer designing the best BMX Parts ever put on a bike.