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Current technology is mobilizing, and growing in potential everyday. We have invested in the best ways to develop training materials that take advantage of the variety of platforms and devices that are increasing in popularity, all while staying inside a budget.

The next best thing from hands on mechanical experience is 3D tutorials that convey mechanical principles and terminology. Time after time, our methods of instruction with vivid animations are proven vastly superior to other training media. In some areas, even better than hands on. If you have trouble believing, click on the images below to try it first hand.
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Orientation to the standard milling machine is an outstanding example of animation defining different components of a machine tool or device. This particular set of tutorials was used in side by side comparisons with traditional methods of machine training. The animations stick in the minds of the user and aid in remember aspects of the machine that are difficult to convey in a classroom setting.

These tutorials were developed in Flash, and are compatible with any computer and some tablets.
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Safety can be a difficult topic to cover adequately in a classroom or a shop while the instructor points and gestures. Animations allows the student to see the potential dangers without having to wait for the experience. Animations also allow us to convey stratal relationships and dependences simply and effectively. The Orientation of the Lathe is a excellent example of these two teaching methods.

It is programmed in the Flash format, so it is compatible with all computers and some tablets.
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